Wolf's Song

Basicly a wolf version of the series Warriors by Erin Hunter.
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 Rules. . . .

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Rules. . . . Empty
PostSubject: Rules. . . .   Rules. . . . Icon_minitimeMon May 25, 2009 7:45 pm

We dont like:

Racism based on skin, gender, or anything else.
Cussing. (frig is okay, but use sparingly)
Topics in the wrong area.
Pity topics.

3 Strikes And Your Out:
Cross Tribe Posting (okay right now its okay because we barely have any members, but once we get more, no more)

Auto Bans:

Inapropriot talk. You can say you mated and are gonna have pups, but no details.
Ban Hopping (after you get banned once, you come back).

And those are the basic rules! follow them, and we'll be just fine! ^^
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Rules. . . .
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